video recognition under 5 seconds

We do video recognition.

Introducing boomApp: An exclusive technology that recognizes millions of videos - and images - under 5 seconds.


Matching under 5''

Our technology has really exceeded itself on this! We recognize any video in less than 5 seconds and tell you the second of the video you are scanning. How beautiful?

Fully Scalable

Do you have millions of videos? Are you YouTube? No panic! Our technology is fully scalable. Regardless the number of videos in our database we always have a constant match time.

Unique in the world

We are leading the way in video recognition and augmented reality for videos. Our technology is unique in the world and, boy, we’ve patented it!


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Welcome to... Interactive TV Shows:

The Walking Dead at boomApp

The Walking Dead

Use boomApp to interact with The Walking Dead on Fox

MacGyver at boomApp


Use boomApp to learn how to be like MacGyver

Prison Break at boomApp

Prison Break

Prison Break is coming to live with boomApp

... And a New Level of Brand Engagement:

We help the world's
top companies to innovate


Treasure hunt: that’s how KIA innovated using our video recognition technology. The aim of the campaign was to find the hidden offer inside a KIA Sportage video. Result: massive increase in video engagement and a really cool new way of engaging consumers.

  • Treasure hunt
  • Hidden prizes
  • Contest
Desktop with KIA content
iPhone with KIA content
"boomApp´s technology is leveraging KIA communication to the next level."
Photo of a great boomApp client

Salvador Cardoso Pinto - Head of Digital, Kia


Carte D’Or's ice cream menu comes to life! With a simple interaction with the physical menu directly at the restaurants, kids are able to play a game and be entertained while the parents enjoy their meal!

  • Augmented reality
  • Play a game
  • Entertainment
iPhone with CARTE D'OR content
"boomApp is changing the way we do business. Great technology!"
Photo of a great boomApp client

Francisco de Braganca - Brand Manager, Unilever


In an audacious 360º campaign, Volkswagen made their New Tiguan communication interactive with their own App. Users had access to exclusive content and engaged in a totally different way with the new Volkswagen SUV.

  • Access to exclusive content
  • 360º campaign
  • Launch of a new product
iPhone with VOLSKWAGEN content
"boomApp was a central part our communication setup: intuitive, modern and really easy to use."
Photo of a great boomApp client

Ricardo Tomaz - CMO, Volkswagen